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Pump Kings - CryptoFamily

CryptoFamily is a cryptocurrency pump group with members around the world. While other pump groups are seen as being rather unfair we believe in treating everyone with respect and fairness at all times. For this, we seek to use social media, including arranged Tweets during the pump itself with the sole aim of bringing in new people to the equation to help you, our users make more money as a direct result. Our team vigorously screens coins to make the coin we select will hit autmated buyng triggers during our push which means bot and ALGO tools will be buying our coin after us and pushing it even higher. All pumps will always be free for all, there are no time advantages or vip or any of that bs which ruins other groups.

It is always our intention to only select those coins that have a clear and profitable future ahead of them. To further improve the ability to make a profit as part of our group, we continually pay close attention to the market in general to help us to make the best decisions. Ultimately, this leads to you being pleased with your gains while being involved in our Bittrex or Binance pump group. We want everyone to earn, stay, and grow as an idividual as we focus on growing as a group.

To take part in a push/pump register on and join our Telegram or Discord
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How Pumps Work

How to Binance Pump

- Buy the coin as soon as its announced
- Set your sell in the expected gain range
- Join the team in promoting the coin in chatboxes/ social media

CryptoFamily is a collection of members that seek to pump cryptocurrencies in a controlled manner, and in the process of doing so can boost the coins by more than 50% or even 200% + for select pumps. At face value, it sounds as if it would be easy to do, but we do warn that it is always best to read and learn more on how to increase profits in the help channels of our discord server Here

The pump team monitors the market and then ultimately decides on the coin that we will pump. It will be chosen according to the market conditions, volume projection, and other factors. This is then followed by us launching a countdown to the pump itself. Once the countdown hits zero, everyone make mass purchases of the coin to begin to inflate the price.

At the same time, the members are seeking to encourage outsiders to join them in buying the coins as the price rises with the opportunity for us to effectively profit off these outside orders. We are the best of all pump groups at bringing in outsiders. Our members are dedicated, our news is relevant, our links are all working, and we incorporate the use of specialty built tools to help spread FOMO around the crypto world.

On average, a Bittrex or Binance pump is going to peak within the first 3-10 minutes and then hold at an inflated price for hours or even days. However, even if you set your sell too high and do not reach it during this time, our history shows that the coins we focus on for the pump have a tendency to then increase in price again allowing you to still make your profit with patience. Never ever sell at a loss.


Community Voting

We believe in community voting when deciding on the next pump. Furthermore, we also permit voting on the number of pumps making it a community decision.

Bot Protection

Bots are problematic, so we use a Image system when announcing the coin. This makes it impossible for bots to enter our pumps early.

Transparant History

We believe in transparency and openness. The history of all pumps are posted with results, member reviews, and success stories in our discord server.

Free to Join

If you were worried about a joining fee, then don’t because our pump group is absolutely free to join at all times.

Growing Community

Join our Discord community to get pumping tips,speak with fellow pumpers, and take part in community votes


The entire group sees the pump signal simualtaneously and buys up as much as of the selected coin as we can in a short time to drastically increase the price. Next we set our sell orders and begin to spread FOMO and news about the coin to outsiders (wel will provide the news). Outsiders buy our sell orders and we all make profit! Buying bots and algos will see our coin breakout and buy into our pumps as well increasing the total volume and % gain!

We pump cryptocurrency on both Bittrex and Binance

Joining either of our crypto pump groups helps us by increases our buying power and shilling effectiveness. Join because joining makes you money!

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We spread the coin news anywhere we can: Reddit, other Discord servers, Twitter, Telegram, forums, etc

You can see member success stories and testimonials in the Discord server channel labeled #success-stories also pump results are available below.

Top Pumps


Success Stories

Many many more posted in our discord group!